Los Angeles Teacher Prearatory Academy


Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

LATP students are Effective Communicators and will demonstrate academic and interpersonal competence by:

  • Communicating effectively through verbal, auditory, visual, written, and artistic modalities
  • Using technology in a variety of ways to enhance communication

LATP students are Academic Achievers and Lifelong Learners who:

  • Are prepared with the knowledge to succeed in a global economy
  • Are equipped with the higher thinking skills for academic success
  • Become strategic users of the skills that allow them to excel in high stakes tests
  • Have a clear plan for their post-secondary education and career goals

LATP students are Independent and Responsible Adults who:

  • Develop and take ownership of their short and long term goals
  • Become self-sufficient citizens
  • Assume responsibility for their decisions
  • Are willing to learn and change

LATP students are Active Participants in the Community who:

  • Develop skills to become the future leaders of a democratic society
  • Establish and carry out community service goals for the betterment of their society
  • Work collaboratively with peers, staff and community members in diverse settings
  • Appreciate diverse cultures, practice tolerance for individual differences, and are willing to adapt to change

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