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Overview of College Admissions

Brief Overview of the College Application Process

Hello, and welcome to our College and Career Center. On this page we will give you a general idea where and how to start applying for colleges and universities, how to search for scholarships, how to apply for SAT testing and ACT testing, and other related topics.  Click on the BIG BLUE CAPITAL titles to go to the corresponding web site.

Here is a suggested order or direction to follow:

1.  Explore your interests, your favorite classes, what keeps you interested.  You can use CAREER CRUISING to help you.  Now is also the time to begin writing your PERSONAL STATEMENT, describing to colleges why you want to go to college,  any hardships you have had, and how important it is to you.


2.  Next, explore different career paths, and see what you might be interested in, or, what you would not be interested in.  Below in the LOCKER, is a document, POSSIBLE CAREER GROUPINGS.  Look at these groupings and see if any of them sound like fields you might be interested in.  If you can't decide, then cross out groups you know you don't like, and see which are still there.  The fields that are left are probably the ones you will be interested in.


3.  Next, you need to sign up with COLLEGEBOARD.ORG as soon as possible, to sign up for your SAT exams.  It is best to take the first general SAT test, and then one or two subject area exams.  You will need to have your own email account; that is how CollegeBoard.com will communicate with you.


4.  Next, you will be applying for colleges and universities. 

            For CSU's, go to CSUMENTOR.EDU and begin the application process. 



5.  For other private universities and colleges, see the list of college searches in our LOCKER.


6.  If you are a U.S. citizen or registered resident, fill out the FAFSA form to apply for financial aid.  This is a serious document, so be sure you fill it out completely and accurately.


7.  After, AND ONLY AFTER you have submitted your FAFSA, go to CALGRANTS.ORG  and submit an application.  Once again, ONLY after you have submitted your FAFSA!

After you have submitted your FAFSA and CalGrants applications online, your info will be sent to the schools you listed on the FAFSA and Cal Grant.

Check with those schools after about a month, and see if they have received your info.  Award letters of grants will be sent from the schools  you listed.  If you do not receive any award letters, begin to contact each school.  Also, read your email and keep up to date!


8.  AB540 Students:  If you qualify to be considered as an AB540 student, or want to find out about AB540, click here:  AB540.com

    To obtain AB540 status, download this FORM, AB540 AFFIDAVIT and submit it to the college you wish to apply to.

Also, Google AB540 to find more information from different universities.


9.  I NEED MONEY!  A good college education is expensive, so you must also search for FINANCIAL AID.  Go to our Financial Aid page to get more help.


10.  You will be doing many things at the same time.....testing, applying, looking for colleges, searching for financial assistance.....and don't forget your classes!


11.  As you start this, you may feel you want to go to a Community College for two years and then transfer.  That is the least expensive way to accomplish the first two years of college, especially if you can still live at home, or have to work part time, or have your own family.  Here are some sites of different community colleges: 

California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office,

Los Angeles Community College District,

Glendale Community College

Santa Monica College

Also, please look in our LOCKER, we have many resources and documents that may help you.

Keep coming back, we will add more to this page, and our college center.     

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