Los Angeles Teacher Prearatory Academy

Why Choose Us?

What makes LATP unique?

The Belmont Zone provides many choices in schools, with different concentrations. We at LATP feel we have several very unique qualities that we feel parents and students would want in a school:

  1. We have SMALL Classes in a SMALL school setting. That means more personalized attention!
  2. WE have AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING in all subjects!
  3. LATP students are students who enjoy helping, teaching, guiding, supporting others by either pursuing a career in Education, or developing an understanding that as adults they will be both learners and educators to others at different times in their lives.
  4. We focus on service to the community in the form of educational assistance/teaching assistance.
  5. We provide continual guidance to our students in our ADVISORY CLASS by grade level, which all students attend for their entire high school career with us.
  6. Our students can participate with any and all sports, arts, music or other AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS at LATP, and also sponsored by Belmont High School
  7. We have many after school and evening activities with parents and other community members.
  8. All of our personnel, whether in the classroom, office, or campus, care about every LATP student.
  9. We communicate with the parents of our students, and invite more communication by the parents
  10. We have a seven period class schedule. Using a modified block schedule, an extra class meets every day to focus on specific skill sets and content each student needs textra help with to graduate, including CAHSEE Preparation, CST and SAT test taking skills. Other electives are also offered to extend students' educational and career goals.
  11. We recognize students for their achievements, attendance, grade point averages, citizenship in our RECOGNITION ASSEMBLIES
  12. We celebrate cultural diversity with different ASSEMBLIES and LUNCHTIME ACTIVITIES